Strong Enough

One of the many definitions that society has for the word strength is “the power to resist strain or stress.” Is that not a different way of thinking about it. Strength is a power, something that we can harness.  Franklin D Roosevelt once said, “When you get to the end of your rope, tie a not and hold on.” It is like when we are at our emotional limit, we need to look at life and say, ” you hit like a bitch” and keep moving forward.
Here is an amazing quote to remember:
” Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us.’ We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, and fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of…

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evan baker

Moments can come and moments may pass

But you don’t get a chance to choose what day is their last

We all knew you were going to make a name for yourself

But this is not the way we wanted to say goodbye

To a brother a son our friend our loving hugs

The kid that we knew had a smile so bright

Always found a new way to sneak us out at night

And he would take us by the hands

And say we were gonna make something out of our small town

You gave us hope in that town

I know you had your problems and we tried to be your friend

I know you wanted to be whole again

But now it’s the end

And now we are left with a memory  and you

I feel you right here beside me

You and sam skating the wheels over and over in my head

I still cant believe your really dead

I can still feel your hug

Can still feel its warmth

How will the town ever be the same

Without you around to make a name

But you did it evan just like you said you would

You never stopped anything that you said you loved

You tried to be a happy kid

Hated school but honestly we all did

We used to chill at the corner across from the highschool

Smokes a few cigs before all four bells came thru

And then wed run and run

But we were still always too late

So detention yet again

And we would all sit and sneak out as soon as we could

Your memories live forever could

Just like we thought you would

I guess we think every one we love lives forever

But then we are humbled that the ones we love

Sometimes god loves so much more

We wanted to help you

I know sam was screaming from the heavens to

But I know he met you at that gate

And ya even to that you were probably late

But ya you brought us all together again

You did give the town another name to remember

December 1993-nov 2012

Evan Baker


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many mothers

they have all come into my lives at different times

and helped me grow all in their own way

they molded me and shaped me

and taught me to be humbled as clay

they were there when i needed someone to lean on

and always gave an ear

i was raised by many mothers

with my own never far behind

sometimes i wonder what they would all say to each other

if they commented on my life

have i made them proud

have i lived right

all i know as i think of all the things they have helped me with

all through different years of my life

is that i am blessed to have been raised by many mothers

for they have shaped my life

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a consuming fire

it calls after you

you must hear it

can you not see the scars over your skin

your past will always follow you

but do not be afraid

the past is apart of you

and without it

your future will fade

somethings you may want to go away

but they made you who you are

every scar shows your stronger then the one before

and to all those who hurt you

abused and made you feel low

hold a glass and make a toast

they are the reason that you glow

the light that shines from you

is only proof you are a survivor

and remember at the end of your hard days

our God is a consuming fire

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step outside

just wander

have no idea where you might be

though you may have taken the path before

this time simply choose to be free

go off of the path and through the trees

find hidden creeks

hear cracking leaves

get lost in the silence that nature interrupts

and let it be as though it has always been

do not just hear the birds as they chirp

listen to what they tell you

they sing the secrets we have all been looking for

but we refuse to hear what is hidden in the silence

the life we are meant to live

does not come to us screaming or with a single shout

it finds us while we are lost

it finds us in the life we tried to live

it tears us out

it saves us and we know it does

time and time again

we beg for silence

but we never let it be

but when you listen to how the silence speaks

the world becomes a lot clearer

for the silence tells us all as we grow old

that everyday the end is nearer


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the moment

there is a moment

simply an instant

where you just know

that everything wrong no longer matters

and everything that is right

is right before your eyes

it may be love you are seeing

or possibly just a trick of the light

the secret to remember

is that thinking your in love

even for a moment

is alright

it may not last forever

it might not even last a day

but that moment was perfect

was it not

names are not important

nor where your from or who you are

but the need and the want

the fascination of another human being

a breathtaking moment of bliss

captured in the middle of your every day life

it is not the journeys that tell our story

but the moments

just one moment

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In a world that screams for peace


May we raise our hands and sing

For joy and understanding

In a world that seems to need everything

May we remember,


God is with us

We are not abandoned


Love will win again


A revolution we will bring

We will rise again

Like he has risen

And when we fall he will pick us up

And our hallelujah will being with love


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