Books from Upcoming Authors I know :)

Ledia Runnels. 

Legend of the Tengu Prince

As a child, Karasu Hinata’s family castle was taken, his mother and father murdered right before his eyes… In feudal Japan, Karasu is born the son of a Warlord, but now his life is shattered by a terrifying past.

Leon Arceneaux.

The Crystal Skull

Professor Karolovitch discovers ancient writings depicting a crystal skull of awesome power. Knowing that this power must not get into the wrong hands, he and his granddaughter, Natasha, retrieve it from a Mayan pyramid.

Beyond the Storm, An Acadian Odyssey

Life in Acadia could not be better for Louis and Emmeline. The promise of shunshine and happiness lies ahead. They are deeply in love. A new log cabin and farmland, their Beaubassin, awaits them where they will share their love and raise a family. But three days before their wedding, a storm of terror tears their tranquil world apart.

Of Time and Infinity: To Touch the Mind of God

Walk with the author as he discusses the tiniest particles of matter, and then reach out into our indescribable universe-to Black Holes and Quasars. Wonder about other dimensions and other beings. Question how microbes and trees communicate. Launch your voyage from the beginning of creation and hang on for the ride.

Whiskey River

                When Captain Anthony Thampson is stranded with car trouble while crossing the desolate Atchafalaya Awamp, he makes his way to an isolated and eerie town called Whiskey River. It is a town, he discovers, that does not exist.

Dance the Calinda

The Calinda–an eerie, yet beautiful Voodoo dance. But hidden behind its eerie beauty lies danger if you Dance the Calinda. Abandoned as a small child, Raven struggles with the mystery of her identity. She buys an old book. Inside, she finds a letter dated 1840, which starts her on a quest to find elusive Beau Chenevert Plantation.

Oh, Jerusalem Jerusalem

BOOK ONE-A TIME TO MORN, A TIME TO DANCE:A Time to Morn, A Time to Dance fills these gaps, telling a story that follows Mary and Joseph from their first meeting, through the birth of Jesus, their flight into Egypt, and back into the welcoming arms of their family.

BOOK TWO-THE TRAP:Alphaeus, a rich Sadducee, volunteers to set a trap for Jesus and bring him down. But the plan is complicated when he falls in love with his servant girl, a faithful follower of Jesus.

Daniel Flores

South of Heaven: My Year in Afghanistan

In late 2005, the total casualties in Afghanistan were just barely over one hundred; meanwhile, the news agencies were publicizing, each day, the thousands of American soldiers who were dying in Iraq. There was rarely any mention at all of the conflict going on in Afghanistan. Little did Daniel Flores know that one year later he would be witness to the Taliban resurgence and lose some of his friends in the war. He was locked in a battle for his life against a determined enemy, in one of the most notorious and highly contested valleys in the Hindu Kush, in his Apache gunship-without bullets. South of Heaven is the searing memoir of Flores’s year-long tour of duty in Afghanistan.


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