the stones

They sit among us

There are ways you can tell

Sometimes in the way that they talk

The way they where their watch

The way they stand tall

There are heroes blending among us

That sometimes we fail to see

The hidden tears they hide

The strength they find

Brothers and sisters they once knew

They visit the stones

How it ever came to that

They were sure to not come home

But home they did come

I suppose it is true

That even those who survive

They too fall

They would give their life for us

But immortality is to no one

We all battle the war of life

Some in a different uniform is all

But no one survives the deployment of life

For the enemy of death consumes us all



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There is a melody that plays when the hard days come

There is a comfort in the winds of a storm

A feeling when the rain falls

That when the clouds pass a rainbow will come

When the struggle ends there is a lesson

Some are taught that tears show weakness

It is the strong who remember

Crying since birth is a sign you are alive

The ever present warmth in the hug of a friend

The comfort in mothers home cooked meals

The goosebumps when the men click to attention

It is not a spoken notion

But an unspoken understanding

The knowledge that pain ends

It is what holds us together in times of struggle


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What are you afraid to write about?
what is your greatest fear?

The truth about your family

Are you afraid that they will hear?

What about your past

Would you ever write about that?

Are not all secrets meant to be shared?

Ever write about what you did on a dare?

Are you embarrassed

Or are you scared

Write about your broken heart

Write about the person who tore you apart

Am I getting too personal

Is it making you angry


Hold that

Curl your toes

Turn your face

Just do not play it safe

Rules are meant to be broken

Fears are meant to be faced

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6 hr wait

6 hr wait was something I was used to

I noticed him across the room

Hands clenched trying to keep face

No uniform

you could just tell

he realized I knew his secret

the boy at the bus stop

staring into space

no amount of smokes

enough to calm his fears

the last time he went over

he lost his mother and brother back home

he could hardly muster enough words to stay awake

a final smoke

a handshake

off on a bus numbered 643

grabbed his pack

he way on his way to keep us free


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Finding yourself

walk into a mirrored room,

and take note of the different views,

which one is you?

are you tall and thin?

or short and fat?

is it important to think about any of that?

and if you cannot decide which one you like,

just walk outside,

and feel the warmth of the sky,

and as it begins to rain

feel the drops soak into your skin

breathe in everything you want to be

breathe out what the world wants you to see

for you are not found in reflections of glass

or any reflection of gold silver or brass

you cannot ask Jack or Jill where they found you to be

it is only when you kneel in prayer you can finally believe

for as the verse tends to go

remembered by those young and old

he who finds his life will lose it

but he who loses his life for my sake will find it

so have faith that in our lives

we find ourselves in molded clay

it is only important who we are through his eyes

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Poem, Untitled

if love was a sound,

who would hear it,

and if life was a melody,

who would sing,

would the generations begin new verses,

and what different lyrics would each of us bring,

would any of the words go together,

would it matter what was said,

and after we pass on,

would we be able to hear it if we were dead

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I Wish

I wish I could explain it in a way you could understand,

I wish I could go back to the day you were born,

I wish I could have fixed it before you grew up,

I wish you didn’t run into our sisters bed every night to sleep,

because you were scared of the nightmares,

I wish the bad dreams that consumed your nights were only dreams,

I wish you would be proud of us for surviving,

instead of believing we ran away,

I wish you remembered the truth,

I wish I could go inside your head,

remove all the memories that make you scared to dream,

that make you love with caution,

I wish you knew how much I loved you,

since the day you were born,

March 4,

I wish you could have seen it,

the look on grandmas face,

when I stepped out of bed,

and stepped on her,

she had arrived in the night,

she said you were coming,

we had to go to school,

I remember going to the hospital,

sitting in that chair,

holding you,

you were so small,

I felt like I was too young,

you were so fragile,

I might have broken you,

but still I held,

knowing you were my brother,

I told you every thing would be fine,

and to you it was,

as you grew older,

and you learned to walk and speak a few words,

I remember watching you,

observing how you grew,

taking you to the trolleys,

oh how you loved your trains,

and the noises you made as they flew thru the tracks,

and as soon as it was trains,

it was cars,

and then videogames,

and then every sport mom would let you try,

I wish you remembered more of your youth,

I wish I was there to remind you,

I wish you would talk to me,

I wish you would believe,

the man you call your father,

he was not always the way you see him now,

every one of us has a past,

maybe one day you will know his,

alcohol is a hell of an addiction,

some people understand that,

I just wish you would.


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