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A Writer’s Mind

theres a story in my head
and it’s going round and round again
when it comes around and about
there is no doubt
it will be stuck again and again
i live inside a writers mind
pen and paper always within reach
and i stay drunk on writing
for i will never accept defeat
the world and its reality
everything that speaks to me
i live inside a writers
the writing is on the walls
literally the chalk consumes them all
every scratch paper and pocket note
nothing is safe from a writer devote
devote on a level they are attatched to the pen
in a writers mind i live
and no matter which lifetime
i will again


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the wind blows

I write because the wind blows

And because the grass scrapes my knee

Because I live not in a box

Because I make a scene

And one day the curtain will close

And we will all dance backstage

Kicking off our flip flops

We scream and shout

Yell “I love you” out loud

We are fearless and fun

We are seven again,



We are kids

Forever in our youth

Afraid to grow up

Afraid of the end

Of no more dreams

And mind made scenes

All the inner prayers stops

Is it heaven Is it hell

Do we care to find out

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What makes a Writer?

what makes a writer?

what gives you those ideas that make you want to start writing on walls

just so you dont forget it

what makes someone see the world as more then a place

what gives you that chill when you know a story is real

the release of writing that last line

what makes a writer

knowing that scars and secrets are the best stories

knowing that the smell of a books pages will never be electronic

what makes a writer feel like they have a debt to life

to leave something behind when they go

to have thier name remembered in the world

what makes a writer see one thing and envision a lifetime

makes them create a whole new world within one page

to put emotion into every word that is said

what makes a writer more then a pen and a thought

what really makes someone a writer

what makes someone not

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The Writer’s Language

scream and shout

dont make a sound

be angry swear be over-belated

be so loud people cover thier ears

talk so softly that they want to hear

be rude be loud even be outdated

always keep the world guessing the writer’s language

wear obnoxious things keep them guessing

but just because you’re free dont start undressing

make em laugh

make em cry

make em wonder why

but above all else that can easily be faded

keep them guessing the writers language

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