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There is a melody that plays when the hard days come

There is a comfort in the winds of a storm

A feeling when the rain falls

That when the clouds pass a rainbow will come

When the struggle ends there is a lesson

Some are taught that tears show weakness

It is the strong who remember

Crying since birth is a sign you are alive

The ever present warmth in the hug of a friend

The comfort in mothers home cooked meals

The goosebumps when the men click to attention

It is not a spoken notion

But an unspoken understanding

The knowledge that pain ends

It is what holds us together in times of struggle



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my generation

go out and see the world

write it all down as you view it

for we all see the world in different angles

like a ray of sunlight changes the hue

so does one person’s mind change the view

and when we tell others what we have seen

we create images in among the world’s dreams

and one dream can cause a chain reaction

and when everyone dreams change can happen

my generation is said to be without legacy

that we will leave nothing behind

but thats not me

i believe in change and making things new

i believe a legacy can be created with me and you

we are not the forgotten generation

we are not generation x,y, or z

we are the generation of you and me

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