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a consuming fire

it calls after you

you must hear it

can you not see the scars over your skin

your past will always follow you

but do not be afraid

the past is apart of you

and without it

your future will fade

somethings you may want to go away

but they made you who you are

every scar shows your stronger then the one before

and to all those who hurt you

abused and made you feel low

hold a glass and make a toast

they are the reason that you glow

the light that shines from you

is only proof you are a survivor

and remember at the end of your hard days

our God is a consuming fire


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In a world that screams for peace


May we raise our hands and sing

For joy and understanding

In a world that seems to need everything

May we remember,


God is with us

We are not abandoned


Love will win again


A revolution we will bring

We will rise again

Like he has risen

And when we fall he will pick us up

And our hallelujah will being with love


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