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step outside

just wander

have no idea where you might be

though you may have taken the path before

this time simply choose to be free

go off of the path and through the trees

find hidden creeks

hear cracking leaves

get lost in the silence that natureĀ interrupts

and let it be as though it has always been

do not just hear the birds as they chirp

listen to what they tell you

they sing the secrets we have all been looking for

but we refuse to hear what is hidden in the silence

the life we are meant to live

does not come to us screaming or with a single shout

it finds us while we are lost

it finds us in the life we tried to live

it tears us out

it saves us and we know it does

time and time again

we beg for silence

but we never let it be

but when you listen to how the silence speaks

the world becomes a lot clearer

for the silence tells us all as we grow old

that everyday the end is nearer



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In a world that screams for peace


May we raise our hands and sing

For joy and understanding

In a world that seems to need everything

May we remember,


God is with us

We are not abandoned


Love will win again


A revolution we will bring

We will rise again

Like he has risen

And when we fall he will pick us up

And our hallelujah will being with love


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Finding yourself

walk into a mirrored room,

and take note of the different views,

which one is you?

are you tall and thin?

or short and fat?

is it important to think about any of that?

and if you cannot decide which one you like,

just walk outside,

and feel the warmth of the sky,

and as it begins to rain

feel the drops soak into your skin

breathe in everything you want to be

breathe out what the world wants you to see

for you are not found in reflections of glass

or any reflection of gold silver or brass

you cannot ask Jack or Jill where they found you to be

it is only when you kneel in prayer you can finally believe

for as the verse tends to go

remembered by those young and old

he who finds his life will lose it

but he who loses his life for my sake will find it

so have faith that in our lives

we find ourselves in molded clay

it is only important who we are through his eyes

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the wind blows

I write because the wind blows

And because the grass scrapes my knee

Because I live not in a box

Because I make a scene

And one day the curtain will close

And we will all dance backstage

Kicking off our flip flops

We scream and shout

Yell “I love you” out loud

We are fearless and fun

We are seven again,



We are kids

Forever in our youth

Afraid to grow up

Afraid of the end

Of no more dreams

And mind made scenes

All the inner prayers stops

Is it heaven Is it hell

Do we care to find out

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The Writer’s Language

scream and shout

dont make a sound

be angry swear be over-belated

be so loud people cover thier ears

talk so softly that they want to hear

be rude be loud even be outdated

always keep the world guessing the writer’s language

wear obnoxious things keep them guessing

but just because you’re free dont start undressing

make em laugh

make em cry

make em wonder why

but above all else that can easily be faded

keep them guessing the writers language

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