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the stones

They sit among us

There are ways you can tell

Sometimes in the way that they talk

The way they where their watch

The way they stand tall

There are heroes blending among us

That sometimes we fail to see

The hidden tears they hide

The strength they find

Brothers and sisters they once knew

They visit the stones

How it ever came to that

They were sure to not come home

But home they did come

I suppose it is true

That even those who survive

They too fall

They would give their life for us

But immortality is to no one

We all battle the war of life

Some in a different uniform is all

But no one survives the deployment of life

For the enemy of death consumes us all



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6 hr wait

6 hr wait was something I was used to

I noticed him across the room

Hands clenched trying to keep face

No uniform

you could just tell

he realized I knew his secret

the boy at the bus stop

staring into space

no amount of smokes

enough to calm his fears

the last time he went over

he lost his mother and brother back home

he could hardly muster enough words to stay awake

a final smoke

a handshake

off on a bus numbered 643

grabbed his pack

he way on his way to keep us free


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