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the moment

there is a moment

simply an instant

where you just know

that everything wrong no longer matters

and everything that is right

is right before your eyes

it may be love you are seeing

or possibly just a trick of the light

the secret to remember

is that thinking your in love

even for a moment

is alright

it may not last forever

it might not even last a day

but that moment was perfect

was it not

names are not important

nor where your from or who you are

but the need and the want

the fascination of another human being

a breathtaking moment of bliss

captured in the middle of your every day life

it is not the journeys that tell our story

but the moments

just one moment


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What are you afraid to write about?
what is your greatest fear?

The truth about your family

Are you afraid that they will hear?

What about your past

Would you ever write about that?

Are not all secrets meant to be shared?

Ever write about what you did on a dare?

Are you embarrassed

Or are you scared

Write about your broken heart

Write about the person who tore you apart

Am I getting too personal

Is it making you angry


Hold that

Curl your toes

Turn your face

Just do not play it safe

Rules are meant to be broken

Fears are meant to be faced

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6 hr wait

6 hr wait was something I was used to

I noticed him across the room

Hands clenched trying to keep face

No uniform

you could just tell

he realized I knew his secret

the boy at the bus stop

staring into space

no amount of smokes

enough to calm his fears

the last time he went over

he lost his mother and brother back home

he could hardly muster enough words to stay awake

a final smoke

a handshake

off on a bus numbered 643

grabbed his pack

he way on his way to keep us free


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A Writer’s Mind

theres a story in my head
and it’s going round and round again
when it comes around and about
there is no doubt
it will be stuck again and again
i live inside a writers mind
pen and paper always within reach
and i stay drunk on writing
for i will never accept defeat
the world and its reality
everything that speaks to me
i live inside a writers
the writing is on the walls
literally the chalk consumes them all
every scratch paper and pocket note
nothing is safe from a writer devote
devote on a level they are attatched to the pen
in a writers mind i live
and no matter which lifetime
i will again

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Have you ever felt the need

The need to write it down

But what do you write

What do you say

The words are fading and time is slipping away

Everything pauses Black and white screen

Moments in time are far Inbetween

Those who passed years ago Feels like yesterday

Friends leave your life like a shot in the dark

And life seems over and done

But you keep living Wondering why

No reason yet to get by

Your life is at a standstill

Your Inbetween childhood and dreams

And you’re scared Crying silently

And your whole world is moving

And you have no direction

no path in which to run to

and you just want things to go faster

but your so afraid to grow

because growing means dying

and you’re not ready for that kind of pain

you swear you have a life ahead of you


but where

where does everything fall into place

does everything have a place

when will the puzzle be a picture

and what if its not the picture you wanted to see

well i guess thats just reality


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